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Enjoying the Small Things

2023 Summer Bucket List Digital Download

2023 Summer Bucket List Digital Download

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One of the greatest things I've done for my own joy is start our bucket list tradition. Every year, we make a list of summer delights we want to experience, I illustrate each one, and the final bucket list is displayed in our home, holding us accountable to check things off. The delights are simple--things we might forget to experience if it wasn't for the list. Catch and release a firefly. Take a photo in a wildflower field. Set a pretty outdoor table and eat Al Fresco. Our bucket lists have gained popularity as I've shared them over the years, and we release a new one every summer. There's a lot of love packed into each list--weeks of early morning drawing sessions and excitement for our favorite season. They're also great to print off and give away as part of end-of-the-year teacher gifts (add a beach towel and s'mores supplies!) or complete together as a friend challenge.

The Summer Bucket List is a digital download that will be sent to your inbox shortly after purchase. You can print it out on 8.5 x 11 paper or send it to a photo lab to be printed as an 8 x 10 print or 16 x 20 poster size for a WOW! effect. 

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