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Road Trip Bucket List Digital Download

Road Trip Bucket List Digital Download

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New this year--the Road Trip Bucket List, inspired by our annual week-long road trip from Florida to Michigan. 

If being stuck in the car for hours with your family while you drive through corn fields or desolate stretches of highway (I'm looking at you, I-75 in Northern Florida) to get to your summer destination doesn't sound fun, try adding our Road Trip Bucket List. Your boring drive will magically transform into an adventure your family not only won't forget, but they'll be asking to do it again next year. Complete each mission on the list to keep the road fun flowing, checking off tasks like "Meet a dog from a different state and take a picture with him," "Order a drive-thru order with a British accent," or "Buy the ugliest refrigerator magnet from a truck stop." Epic fun awaits. 

The Road Trip Bucket List is a digital download--illustrated by Kelle Hampton--that will be sent to your inbox shortly after purchase. Formatted to print on 8.5 x 11 paper.

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